The Human Magnet Syndrome

Why We Love People Who Hurt Us

The human Magnet Syndrome book cover

About the Book

This landmark book provides a fresh look at dysfunctional romantic relationships. Not only does Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT redefine and re-conceptualize “codependency” and “narcissism,” but he astutely explains why codependents and narcissists are perfectly compatible “dancing partners.” The giving, sacrificial and passive codependent perfectly matches up with the entitled, demanding and self-centered narcissists.

These perfectly matched dancers always seem to nail their dance routines, which is to be expected because they have been practicing them their whole lives. Although unhappy, codependents continue their miserably unstable and painfully neglectful relationship(s) because of their fear of deeply painful loneliness. Therefore, what started off as perfect bliss or a soul mate experience, predictably devolves into a cellmate nightmare.

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